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The California Society of Periodontists South Bay Regional Meeting

Dr. Farahmand works closely with the California Society of Periodontology, not only as Editor of the CSP’s newsletter, The Advocate, but also as a regional leader for the society’s South Bay region. Recently, Dr. Farahmand, along with other periodontists in her area as well as periodontal residents from the VA, UCLA, and USC, gathered for the CSP’s South Bay regional meeting.

As with such meetings, the time Dr. Farhamand spent with other professionals in the field of periodontology was used in sharing the latest trends, technologies, and techniques that aid in providing patients with the best possible care. This, of course, is in line with the overall effort of the CSP to “advocate, enhance and promote excellence in the practice of periodontics in California by serving its members and assisting them in their responsibilities to the public.”

The regional meeting was a positive and educational event, and the residents and practitioners alike took away so much in the way of better treating gum disease for patients!

It doesn’t matter when you floss; just do it!

No excuses! Flossing first allows you to brush away dislodged food debris afterward. Brushing first allows you to loosen plaque between the teeth, making it easier to floss more effectively. Try doing both at the same time! (Just kidding; don’t try that at home.)

The important part of flossing is doing it, and doing it right. That means using a fresh strand of dental floss each day (reused floss is gross), and carefully pulling it back and forth between all of the teeth.

Think you can fib your way out of flossing? It turns out, we can tell if you’ve been flossing or not, so don’t try to hide it. We won’t be mad, just as long as you promise to start flossing on a daily basis. It’s for your own good, and ours, since looking at plaque-covered teeth every day is kind of gross for us, too.

The Bedford Business Association’s Message this Holiday Season

As our Public Relations Coordinator here at Drs. Simon, Haerian, and Ludwig Orthodontics, Wendy DeBord does fantastic work making sure communication between our practice and the general dentists in our area is constantly flowing. She has such a knack for business communication and has helped our team and office grow in so many ways! Her warm heart and dedication to our patients, doctors, and team make her such an important part of what we do each and every day!

This year, Wendy is the President of the Bedford Business Association, and she has made it her mission to direct the BBA’s efforts towards doing a whole lot of good in our community this holiday season! She has worked tirelessly in coordinating and overseeing important community outreaches that aim to brighten lives this year, including the BBA’s Annual Food Drive!

Here are some words from Wendy about the food packages the BBA will be collecting for families in need this holiday season,

“The families receiving these boxes will smile gratefully to know they live in a community that cares. So, even though the December days are short and the nights long and cold, remember you can warm up just about anyone with a smile!

The families receiving these boxes will also smile gratefully to know they live in a community that cares.So, even though the December days are short and the nights long and cold, remember you can warm up just about anyone with a smile!”

If you’d like to aid the BBA’s effort this year, or if you would like to learn more about the association, visit their website at http://www.bba.org/! And of course you can always talk to Wendy about the BBA next time you’re in our office!

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